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Saturday, March 19, 2011
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Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

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The iconic image that so impressed a young, fatherless boy sitting in a movie theater.


Just Sing to Me, Baby, ‘Cause The World’s Gone Mad

Credit: TEPCO/AFP/Getty Images
Devastation in Japan



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Credit: Re3oid
The Sorrow Of The Prodigal Daughter: Remake to Rembrandt

He's the One! A Candidate With Courage Shows the Way

Progressives seek a society in which government is of, by and for people and the economy is based on peace.

I Left my Drinking Problem in LA

Self explanatory; Vodka, Drunk, and bars

By taking off the mask, 3 hours, 34 minutes ago Local - LA

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

A father realizes that he needs to let his sons know he loves them and give them a gift of enduring value.

By Cabellero_69, 3 hours, 36 minutes ago Back Page - Inspiration

Just Sing to Me, Baby, ‘Cause The World’s Gone Mad

Sometimes it is all too much for the mind to comprehend. Which way shall we turn?

By Askcherlock, 8 hours, 51 minutes ago Creative - Essay


Fighting Religious Hypocrisy with humor

By mantra lotus, 9 hours, 34 minutes ago Creative

He's the One! A Candidate With Courage Shows the Way

Targeted for defeat by the Reactionary power brokers and plutocrats. A first-term Congress Member is down, but not out.

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By Cabellero_69, Mar 18, 2011 Politics - U.S.

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Parents Playing ‘Better Safe than Sorry’ With God

They said that they would rather I was agnostic because then I was, “giving myself half a chance at least.”



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    Mardi Gras West at Uncle Darrows
  • Interview with Julian Gallo
  • Mardi Gras in Long Beach
  • Paula McLain Pens Novel about the...

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mantra lotus

Latest Article: BELTS

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I Left my Drinking Problem in LA

you and vodka don't mix

Just Sing to Me, Baby, ‘Cause The World’s Gone Mad

Mike, you are the poet, even through your comment. Thank you so much.


Ok now I get it :D Great piece


Thanks Mike:)..(as for getting into my mind..I think you already KNOW) @ "Taking off the Mask" the term "Belts" in this piece is used as a metaphor to describe just about anything that may be considered a "vice" that is not pleasing to organized...

Just Sing to Me, Baby, ‘Cause The World’s Gone Mad

i see the visions through this poetic speechless and i think it already came to the door...unexpectedly.


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